One of the most important aspects of maintaining the beauty of a piece of jewelry over its lifetime is the amount of care put into its preservation. We highly suggest your jewelry be the first thing you remove when you get home and the last thing you put on before you leave. Your rings should not be worn to work out, lift weights, bike, golf, play tennis, or carry heavy baby car seats. Putting pressure doing those activities right on the area where your rings are will cause them to bend and damage the integrity of your jewelry. Any blows to the ring may bend its prongs, the ring itself and could even chip your diamond.

Although diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, it still runs the risk of being chipped: a hard blow to the girdle (its middle) or culet (the pointy bottom) may damage it. Aside from this, however, diamond is essentially indestructible. If a diamond chips or cracks it is from a big blow/hit. To ensure the longevity of your jewelry it is important to story them in individual boxes or pouches to prevent scratching and the pieces hitting against each other.

Jewelry is similar to your car- It needs care and maintenance. We are always happy to clean your jewelry for you, but it is also important to clean it at home. It has never been easier with our brand-new, fabulous jewelry cleaner. See here.

Rhodium Plating should be re-done on average every 3-5 years to keep your Platinum and White Gold shiny and bright.


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